Blade & Soul live stream right now



For anyone interested in this NCSoft game coming to NA soon.


This looks interesting. Faster pacing with the martial arts, doesn’t look like dedicated healers/support.


Correct there are no dedicated healers. The healing style is similar to Guild Wars 2, I believe.

Some classes will be able to provide support to the group with buffs and debuff removal.

This game is already live in the East and some Americans are currently playing the Russian version I believe. I think the game is supposed to go into closed beta around December.

Edit - Beta in Fall, launch around December.


Man, I remember being on this hype train years and years ago when it first launched in Korea because it was suposed to be coming out here too, then they dashed all our hopes by forgoing a western release indefinitely; it’s nice to see they’re (finally) bringing it out.


They claim they won’t be censoring the game here. We’ll see how that goes.