Blade & Soul (October 30th Beta Release)





I will be obtaining this game as soon as possible but I wanted to just give those of you a chance to look at this game and see your impressions.

(Agh~ keep forgetting about those tags >____<. Gotta get used to that asap)

  • The game is already 3+ years old in Asia. Not sure if that should be a concern.
  • It’s an action-MMO with no dedicated healing class. That seems to be the trend lately.
  • Your video doesn’t show the Summoner class. Wonder why it’s missing.

I want to be interested with the martial arts theme and the Crouching Tiger gliding. But I’m afraid the game is just going to be more of the MMO grind. Level up, do some dungeons, do some raids. Their combo system might keep me interested for a little while. It seems neat.

I think I would rather kill other players in Albion Online or Crowfall. I signed up for beta months ago so maybe I’ll get a chance to try it. I think a founder’s pack is only 20 bucks though. I’ve spent cash on much worse things.

  • Summoners I believe can heal. Although you are correct that there is no “dedicated healing class”.
  • It was the only video I could find that didn’t have someone else blasting their own music xP

Well I can actually put your worries aside with that one. I played on the Russian Servers and from my experience, it doesn’t take that long to level, despite it being a Korean game, so I was originally expecting it to be a huge grind as well. Ahhhh yes, the combo system, I gotta say it’s really a breath of fresh air to me. Even during PvP its all fast paced and you gotta keep yourself aware of everything.


Like I said, the basic founder’s pack is relatively cheap so I may buy-in and give it a shot. It does look interesting enough.

My MMO mouse is having issues with sticking buttons. Not sure I want to buy a new one. But it looks like most of the keyboard controls are 1-4, Q, E, Z, etc. Is this true? And do you know if it has gamepad support?


From what information I came across, you could setup a controller for this game.

If your MMO mouse is giving you problems, I can give you a link to a “Razor-like” mouse that’s half the price of an actual Razor.

or just check out the other mouses by red-dragon on Amazon


The gameplay in the video above reminds me very much of TERA, minus support classes with a slightly more “realistic” vibe. looks like everyone is human.

As for the mouse talk, my main mouse is a Razor Naga Epic. My travel mouse is the Redragon Perdition pictured above. I like both of them.


I’ve seen previews to this game for so long and was interested in trying it out but it’s waited too long to come over here so i do not see me playing this game with the gw2 expansion right around the corner.


Seriously, I was still single and stationed at Ft. Sill, OK when we were on this games hype train. Pass :wink: