Blatant Overwatch rip off



Came across this video about a completely blatant rip off of Overwatch from some Chinese company making mobile games.

Pretty shameful.

Thought it was pretty interesting how this can happen in the gaming industry.
have a look.


WOW thats crazy its like a crappy clone of Overwatch. The animations and character models are no where near as good as blizzards but still thats nuts. I guess if you have a business in China you can get away with anything lol.


Didn’t watch the video but the Chinese characters in the screen cap makes me think that it’s a rip-off from China. If you think that’s bad, look around for a ton of other games that are blatantly ripped off from China.

Both China and Japan are pretty bad about copyright infringement.


You should watch the video starting at ~1:55 where he shows the trailer; it’s aMEIzing :wink: