Blinkbrac and Strats Streaming Raids TONIGHT 9:00est



I am tagging anyone I can think of for this tonight. Let’s help out @blinkbrac and his stream

@Aigid (i forget you name on here) someone tag him please
and tag anyone else that may be able to do this


Did you mean @AiKiller?

Also, I’m sure @simplyundrea would want to be there. Not sure how many others here know him, nor how many here enjoy Destiny.


I’ll get some social posts queued up for this!

@blinkbrac, what’s your twitter username?



i haven’t touched this game in months but i’d be down…


thanks. It is Level 30 requirement for VoG and 31 for Crota. both on Hard mode. :smiley:


I know everyone on that list is a 32, with the exception of @blinkbrac and @ohnokenzilla.


Zilla is 32


and me… i don’t have a 32


Oh yeah you hated playing with me post expansion


Oh that’s right you never really got into dark below. Either way. I don’t think we are doing hard mode crota.


@Dynamible yeah just kinda killed the game for me, but i’d play with you guys tonight


I could use some Drizzle


…I have 3 level 32s. O.o And the least level we can take is 29 because we will be doing Hard Crota(or at least I plan on it). as many as we can. most 6 boss kills(1 run all the way to atheon, then get cp and kill him 2 more times. then Crota 3 times to end, unless we vote against it.)


I have 3 32’s all classes at your disposal
And I am currently watching Mockingjay to get pumped
Im not kidding


lol. alright man. sweet. Also on stream I want to talk a little about the HoW trailer that released today. IT IS AWESOME NEWS!!!


Sorry I missed, I was AFK on vacation in North Carolina. Back now, ready to get into the saddle again. Hopefully we can have a go tomorrow?


Sounds good


It was just me, Blink and Aigid, we did the first third of VoG hard and the Crota CP on normal. I might be back on Thursday night.


Sorry I wasn’t around last night. I may be around over the weekend but not sure how much