Blizzard Launcher Nightlies (Midnight Eastern)



Oh hello, let’s play Blizzard video games…

If it’s in the Blizzard launcher, let’s play it. Timing is somewhat late but I’m hoping some peeps can make it. Obviously I’m most interested in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, as I assume most people are. If there’s interest in StarCraft we can do that too. When the new Diablo season starts, I’ll add that.

How do

Simple steps.

  • Have Blizzard account (you do!)
  • Comms will be in Discord
  • Someone who is online first can choose a game
  • Jump in the Discord voice channel
  • Play said game with other cool kids

Bonus points if you stream to the Facebook page while we play.

Other ideas

If there’s enough interest, maybe we can have a bit more structure to complete dailies for people.


While my Overwatch game ain’t half bad, if people can fit me in their backpack I’d be game with any of the others too! I think this is a great idea @Vocino .


I’m totally down for this. I love playing Overwatch with a Strats squad.


Most people last night turned in early but dropped in to say hello. I did meet a new friend through my first HOTS game of the night who I will invite to this evening.


People actually talk in your matches? Usually I say hello but get no response. Then we part ways after match.


They don’t in my games either. During this match our team was pretty bad and we came back to win. We stuck together around the map (support and assassin) and it worked really well. No words during but he sent a request after.


Update: been playing with randoms but have found some great teams and made new friends. The HOTS community is actually pretty decent—the MOBA bar is low though.

Still want to get more games with Strategists! Get that sweet sweet XP bonus.


Did you drop a link to the site?


I did!


II randomly play overwatch and hots both. If your playing on PC i’d be down to get together to play some rounds every now and again. Usually 9:30 est-1am estish. DarknessAngel#1658

Not sure in overwatch if you play ranked or another mode, but i cant solo queue in ranked anymore, its total cancer. I refuse to play ranked without some folks, but down for anything with a squad.

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FYI I’m still doing this.


I’m down to play on my days off.


Great fun last night! @Wayward @lyteforce @Biggles7268 @Bradum @Zharick !


Apologies for the lackluster heals.


Fun HOTS with @Zharick and @Bradum last night!