Blizzard: 'We [are] now working on new mobile titles across all of our IPs'


That mobile juice tho… Blizzard already looks to have doubled down on mobile despite the backlash over Diablo.

As I said in the convo on Discord, it’s just too juicy to resist! The mobile opportunity size is enormous.

Meanwhile ATVI is taking a beating… I’m embarrassed to tell you guys what my costs basis is on this stock.


Honestly, I’m not surprised ATVI is down a bunch. EA and Ubisoft have been going down too, along with Take Two. Blizzard lost like 7 million MAU year over year this last quarter. What I AM surprised with is that signs are pointing that OW and Hearthstone have the biggest losses. Yet, Destiny 2: Forsaken wasn’t able to grasp a majority of the players they had last year and WoW has it’s own problems.

On Diablo, I’ve said it in Discord, but I’m not against a mobile Diablo. I think Blizz can do great things on the platform, if just given a chance. The Blizzcon debacle was unfortunate, but if they didn’t even have a D4 or D2 remaster cinematic finished, then it makes sense they went with D:I. But not showing it at the end of the opening ceremony, that was a mistake.

Still a huge fan of Blizz.


Well said. Mobile is not necessarily bad. I’m usually one of the few people that loves the mobile counterparts to AAA games (like the Destiny app, the mini games for Mass Effect, etc). They give me some connection to the game world while I’m adulting at work. I have to assume I’m not the only one.


The main concern is that PC gamers already have it written off as “probably Pay-to-Win,” which we have no idea if that will be true or not. Blizz and NetEase will probably have in-app purchases, but I don’t think they’ll be selling gear or permanent power-ups. Maybe some convenience items and definitely cosmetics.


I think the larger concern is that if developers start to see how sweet the mobile pot is, then less effort will be given to games on “Traditional” platforms. And with PC gaming seeing less and less love lately, the blizzard fan base, comprised of mostly PC gamers are having a particularly adverse reaction to this thought.

The thought that the one company that has historical catered to PC players is moving on to greener pastures is not a happy one.

Now I don’t particularly think this way, just kind of analyzing the group think I see in all the backlash and Diablo memes.

Make mobile games I don’t care, I won’t play them, but someone will.


Blizzard is a public company… possible some sort of shake up occurred…or maybe investors are waking up. the success of fortnite and pubg i think is some of the reasons for the gaming world shift… They are no longer making games for us anymore but the next generation thats willing to play them…


That’s definitely a potentiality.


Most likely. Though I myself prefer PC gaming, there’s no sense to deny the popularity of mobile games among the modern youth.



ICYMI Bethesda is hopping on the mobile train too:

Take the Elder Scrolls anywhere you go with The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Revealed during the 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase, Blades is an all-new Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda Game Studios. Launching in fall 2018, Blades will be free-to-play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.