Bloodborne 1.04: Co-op got better!



If you haven’t noticed or played in a while, Patch 1.04 is live.
One of the biggest improvements is that it no longer matters how far apart in levels you are if using a co-op password to join up.

Lots of other changes, a few other biggies:

  • boosting of Arcane, Beast and blood abilities
  • additional items to purchase with insight, like Bloodstone chunks
  • And you can hold 600 bloodvials, pepples, etc in your chest now

Many more details on the Playstation Blog.


I didn’t even know Bloodborne had co-op…


Those are some awesome changes! I still need to power through this game. Ugh my backlog keeps growing.


Interesting… maybe I can finally get help in the dungeons and finish them.


Not sure if serious, but I’ll bite.

It does have co-op, and pvp, AND if the person you summon for co-op happens to be a member of the competing covenant/faction from you, they join as an enemy instead of a helper, which I thought was a pretty neat mechanic.


This makes me thrilled beyond reason. Yay!