Bloodborne Boss Discussion (Spoilers)



So with the beatin’ I’ve been taking already, I’ve learned very quickly that every boss is a challenge. We have players of all skills levels so I’d like to open up a topic to discuss boss tactics, stories, victories and rants. So don’t be afraid to share! You might really help someone who is having a hard time with the game!

I am going to be uploading each boss I defeat and link them to to this this thread in case someone wants to see how I handled it, want to know what to expect with a boss, or people who did not purchase the game just want to see some gameplay.

Boss One: Cleric Beast: Nubhugs, DanceBurgerDance, Ghosthog, SimplyUndrea, NVS_1
Boss Two: Father Gascoigne: Nubhugs, DanceBurgerDance, Ghosthog, NVS_1
Boss Three: Vicar Amelia Nubhugs, DanceBurgerDance
Witch of Hemwick Boss Four
Boss Five: Shadow of Yharnam Nubhugs, Ghosthog
Boss Six: Rom, the Vacuous Spider Nubhugs, Ghosthog
The One Reborn Boss Seven
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Boss Eight
Mergo’s Wet Nurse Boss Nine
Gehrman, The First Hunter Boss Ten
Moon Presence (Secret) Boss Eleven
Blood-Starved Beast (Optional)* Nubhugs, DanceBurgerDance, Ghosthog
Darkbeast Paarl (Optional) Nubhugs
Martyr Logaruius (Optional) Nubhugs, Ghosthog
Amygdala (Optional)* Nubhugs
Celestial Emissary (Optional) Nubhugs
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos (Optional)* Nubhugs

*These bosses drop a Unique Chalice item for the Chalice Dungeons

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This is awesome. Might be helpful to gather everyone’s boss fights so we can see a mixture of play styles on one boss.

I’ll be sure to record mine when I get around to playing and actually meeting each boss, lol.


I think that’s a great idea NVS. I really would like to see how people handle it, because I know I’m not exactly doing things the right way haha. Maybe I could add the videos to the original post for reference.


Lol, I’m sure most of the videos posted (at least first playthroughs) will look pretty rough, but yes, it’ll be exciting to see how everyone does and what each person does.

I haven’t watched yours yet, but only because I want to encounter the bosses without prior knowledge. I’ll be sure to post mine up and you can edit your post :smiley:


I got my first boss recorded! Thank goodness for that 15 min record on the ps4!


Hell yeah Burger! Provide me a link and I’ll throw it up on the post for people to watch


Will do, gotta pull it off the ps4 in about 8 hours when I wake up, and I’ll get it on youtube, then get it over here


Those were beautiful fights!

This is what I love about the Souls games (going to have to come up with more inclusive term, now that we are mired in Blood): when the player is in the zone, the fight becomes a dance; a brutal ballet that is so damn satisfying to perform, or watch.

And there are so many ways to dance that dance! I did not record my boss fights so far, but my play style is somewhat different. Instead of two-handing, I’m working the saw clever in main hand and the blunderbuss in the left.

So, my dubious advice for the Cleric Beast is to stay up close. I found it did less damage than expected when you’re up under it, like Sif or Taurus Demon from DS1. I did a lot of charge attacks (hold R2) and when I did get hit, spammed R1 to get that health back from the regain mechanic.

For Father Gascoigne, I used the gun to stun & repost as much as possible, while hopping around, evading his attacks. He was a little too quick for me to try to regain health from him when hit.

But, can we talk a minute about his storyline? Did you find the ruby brooch and return it to their child? Oh man… prepare to cry.


Sound tactics Barry. I’ve been using the Kirkhammer now, but I’m not sure if I should start one handing because of the stun and repost. I’ve been practicing it but feel more comfortable with a twohander for the moment.

I’ve made it to the Blood-Starved Beast and having a little bit of trouble with him. It becomes almost a DPS race near the end when he hits his third phase and I just panic


I have found the child, but I have yet to find the brooch so far. Still looking though!


Just finished the third boss. Actually had a lot of fun with this one, and it only took a a handful of tries. One thing I really suggest is boosting your poison defense. I used the full Doctor armor set that gave me a huge amount of resistance.

I tried the boss Vicar Amelia one time and gave up. This boss was beautiful but there is a certain ability she uses that is impossible to win unless you deal a very strong amount of damage. I don’t suggest fighting it until later in the game when you can upgrade your weapon past +4 with a lot of stats to boost it.


Fyi: 2nd boss:

If you found the child and got the music box, you can use that to temporarily stun the Father a couple times. Don’t use it more than twice though or it speeds him into his beast stage early.

I still haven’t beat the dumb thing though, I keep dying in that last beast phase with him almost down :confused:


I didn’t find out about the music box until later which is a shame. At that point you really need to master the roll to avoid all those attacks. I’m noticing that a lot of bosses now have phases that make them tougher. His third form was just insane. That combo attack will just flat out crush you in one hit and is almost impossible to break out of.

Another thing I’m noticing starting with the 2nd boss is that guns are really hard to dodge.


Here you go! Hopefully, I can get the second boss up earlier than this one. It took a long time (like all day) to upload the video to youtube.


Re: music box. What? Wow, as if I need another reason for a replay…


The second boss gave me so much dang trouble (4 hours spent on it) until I thought of Molotov Cocktails, and then I killed him on my second attempt. Although, I did kind of cheese him slightly by attacking him while I was on one side of some gravestones/tree and he was on the other side. Still worth all that trouble, and still felt great afterwards.

I’ll post the video to this thread / @Nubhugs tomorrow(for me)/tonight(for you guys).


I tried to cheese him that way Burger only to be rewarded with repeated gunshots to the face. I’ll be looking forward to this one! And don’t feel bad, I took quite a few hours to take him down too. One reason being I was draining my stock of potions and had to go farm more. It DID feel really good.

Don’t let my really short video fool you. The fight is REALLY intense and fast paced. One misstep and he will combo your ass into the ground.


I just beat Boss Four Vicar Amelia. Will be uploading shortly. This was an incredibly tough fight that I had barely any control over. I could not find any good windows to attack her without being pummeled to a pulp. Plus her reach is pretty insane.

My video is not a clean fight. I had no potions left by the end of it and I spent half the fight getting my ass beat. Good luck anyone that takes her on. You are going to need it…


Here’s boss 2 for you guys!


Darkbeast Paarl is the first boss to make me actually rage. This boss is just flat out NOT fair. I can’t even get close to it. You can deal an absurd amount of damage to it but it just ruins your day so fast. I don’t even know what to do :sadgumball: