Bloodborne - Chalice Dungeons Explained!



This is a great video detailing chalice dungeons. Well worth the watch.

@Nubhugs - Saw you asking about them in the other thread, so figured this will be right up your ally.

Bloodborne - Main Thread

Niiiiice! I added this to the BB Main Thread, too.

I love watching stuff like this. :smile:


Good grief. This looks like another 10+ hours of content. Luckily I have all 3 base chalices so I can begin doing them. Thanks NVS. Now I know what to do.

I am bummed though I missed the key item “Living String”. I did everything to get to it except pick it up, but whatever. I plan on playing NG+ so I’ll get it then.


I’ll probably get Platinum before you do Nubs… and I’m not home till the 5th :stuck_out_tongue:


Great video answered a few of my questions