Bloodborne Interactive Trailer - WOW!



So I had heard about Bloodborne, and heard a lot of people were excited about it, but I hadn’t paid much attention to it , until I saw this posted on reddit. I’m immediately excited about this game. It looks amazing. Best thing about it is it comes out in just a couple of weeks! Check out this trailer if you haven’t looked much at this game yet. It looks fantastic!


I’m incredibly pumped for this game. Loved Demons Souls, Dark Souls, and unfortunately haven’t gotten around to Dark Souls 2, but plan on picking it up for PS4 as well.


Neat trailer. This and Witcher were top on my radar this year. Really looking forward to it.


Like @NVS_1, I loved Demon Souls and Dark Souls. I think it’s an incredibly rewarding game to progress through and some of the most fun I’ve had with video games in a very long time. Just be aware, these are also very tough until you get the hang of the game, so patience is required because you will die a lot. If you let frustration get to you the game will beat you before you beat it. In fact, I remember rage quitting Dark Souls a few times and coming back to it a few days later because of a certain boss duo…


Yes! I remember throwing my controller a couple times playing :smiley:


I don’t even see you getting mad, you are like, the chillest guy I know @ghosthog.

One difference in Bloodborne that I’m not exactly sure how to feel about is the less emphasis on shields and defense all together. This kind of makes me sad because I freakin’ love shields and huge armor. I think they are aiming for a faster paced, stronger offense play style instead of trying to turtle. Meaning lots of rolls baby.


I remember reading that one of the key differences in Bloodborne compared to the Souls universe is that you can’t be as defensive. They said that if you try to be to defensive like you could in Dark Souls / Demon Souls, you’re going to get ripped apart. You need to be cautiously offensive.

I think that was the reason for them not incorporating shields into the game.


I’ll take that as a compliment @Nubhugs :smile: Normally I’m mellow yellow, but get me in the heat of something intense and the hulk comes out lol.

I’m worried about the lack of shield’s too. I’m better with that than dodging all the time so this may be more of a challenge until I learn its dance.


I cannot wait to stream this. I’ve been waiting for Bloodborne for months! -grabby hands-


Fromsoft has always had some pretty insane designs but good gosh those Bloodborne baddies look scary gross.

Look at this “Thirsty beast”! This is horrifying!

I’m going to be looking into doing pvp and stuff. If anyone needs any help with a boss you can always summon me. They’ve apparently made it easier with unique matching keywords you can set up to summon certain friends only.


I am hoping the Chalice system works well. Looks like it might offer more variety than DAMP for some fun group play-throughs.

Fyi: If you didn’t play with that trailer a couple times, you might have missed out on a code for some DLC. Either the 3rd or 4th combination I tried had a code pop up at end.


@Nubhugs I’ll be looking to summon ya for some good ol co-op. I have never played summoned anyone in Demon Souls or Dark Souls, but think I will start using them more in Bloodborne.

@ghosthog - The chalice system sounds awesome. I’m excited to try it out.


I got a dlc code, but I don’t play PS4. Its a Nightmare thing.


The code is actually for a PS4 theme. It’s J4ND-DJNH-K3C7 for the lazy. It can be claimed in two days I think?

I think the Chalice system is going to be a lot of fun. I think @PittInjury was there live when they unveiled it. Could be a lot of fun with a buddy!

@NVS_1 Co-op is a lot of fun! They really put emphasis on online play with Dark Souls 2 beyond just invading people to troll. Apparently the PS4 and XB1 versions of Dark Souls 2 is going to have an expanded 6 person online co-op. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out but it could make for some intense moments when a bunch of people start invading you.


Thanks for the code! :blush:


Excited to hear that about Dark Souls 2. As I mentioned, I’ll be picking that one up to play, so we’ll see how that turns out :slight_smile: