Bloodborne - Intro Sequence / First Death



I recorded my first attempt at the game. I thought I did pretty well to start it off, but figured I’d toss it up here.

Enjoy :smile:

Note: It just got uploaded, I see 720p60 is available, eventually 1080p60 will show up once it finishes processing.

Bloodborne - Main Thread

Did you know you can 2h your hands? you pretty much just hold them in each other like a double fist haha


Haha, ya I found that out after I died and got my weapons. Was trying to figure out how to “equip” them and ended up two handing my hands. Was pretty funny.

Edit: @Vocino - I noticed when I click the Youtube header to open the video in Youtube, it seems to get caught into a Redirect loop. Right now it’s just a blank page and the URL says:

Is this a fault of my own computer, the forums, or did I post the video wrong? (All I did was paste the link).