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I know I’m not the only one hyped for this PS4 title so all relevant threads + discussions will be linked from here!

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IGN (Review in Progress)

As the crumpled corpse of one of Bloodborne’s hulking boss monstrosities disintegrated at my feet, that peculiar mixture of relief, bliss, and nagging jabs of dread returned. It’s a particular feeling that’s all but absent in the space between From Software games, and a testament to the potency of the studio’s action role-playing formula.

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Hidetaka Miyazaki created a legacy with Demon’s Souls. With three Armored Core games under his belt at From Software, Miyazaki dared to capture the spirit of the King’s Field series for a new era, and thus the Souls series was born. His philosophy of “less is more” served as a driving force for the franchise’s allure, and his influences permeate throughout.

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Laughter of the mad surrounds you as the blood moon rises over the top of a damned city. You tighten your grip on the controller and your stress level rises as a terrifying visage approaches in the distance, unearthly aberrations sprouting from its squirming limbs.

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The beast appears, though you didn’t expect it. You’ve never seen anything like this creature, a giant komondor dog with horns–and a former vicar of the church, apparently, evangelizing her faith by holding her paws together in prayer, then slamming them onto the ground and knocking you clear. The vicar is a microcosm of Bloodborne itself, a wondrous monstrosity that attacks you with vicious horror and religious overtones until you submit to it.

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And for Bloodborne’s first trick: you awaken in a Victorian surgery after undergoing a blood transfusion administered by a shady, wheelchair-bound man. Suddenly you hear banging, then a guttural growl that chills the bones.

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Though classified as action role-playing games, there’s a very serious case to be made for gathering the Souls series under the umbrella of survival horror. I’ve felt more genuine fear traversing Bloodborne’s funereal streets and dismal hallways than I have across countless installments of Resident Evil or Silent Hill, treading lightly in anticipation of the next ambush or deadly trap, real and intoxicating dread mounting as I push further and further from safety into the dingy unknown.

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Hmm… I think I’m going to make a boss discussion thread for strategy and tips, as well as upload videos there. Think I should just include that here or should we just keep it separate to prevent spoilers only if people want them.


Yeah. I was trying to make this all pretty + failed. Haha. I was going to add some block quotes including the reviews from IGN, Game Informer, etc too.


Sounds like a great idea :smiley: I’ll make my thread separate so we can discuss everything else here! There’s so much to talk about!!


That sounds amazing! I’d recommend the separate post to prevent unwanted spoilers.

I may also suggest using the ‘spoilers’ tag as a seperate tag for each boss. Maybe list the boss in bold with no spoiler, but the details, tips, etc. below it in spoiler text. This way people can just remove the spoiler mask for only the boss they’re looking at and not accidentally see more.

Either way, you put up great posts, so I’m excited to see what you whip up for us.


Only a half hour until I get out of work and pick this baby up :heart_eyes:


I’ve been watching streams of this game all. freakin. day. I’m so sad I didn’t do a release day buy of it, but at the same time, I know the price will plummet in a few months, and I can enjoy it at a fraction of the cost.

It looks so, so slick though. I watched your bit on it Undrea, plus a few other streams as well. It’s just… outstanding, to say the least. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

To everyone else who is getting it, enjoy the hell out of it, and let me know if you’re streaming it and when, and I’ll try to stop through.


killed the cleric boss! anyone else? (first boss i think)


Old Yharnam has just bodied me. I’ve been stuck here for a while thanks to a miniboss that just goes berzerk when you get close… Man this game is something else :sadgumball:


ive also been watching tons of streams of the game, and it does impress.

I wouldnt mine getting a copy for myself, if it comes to PC


I’m in Central Yharnam, and just got finished getting raped. I was able to kill the first monster + 2 guys without getting my weapons though haha.


Wow haha I thought you HAD to die on the first wolf


I think you’re supposed to so I took it as a challenge, haha. I only died because I got greedy while facing 2 guys at once, but of course only after killing the one <_<

I’m uploading the clip now.


i was like 2 hits from killing that first wolf with my bare hands haha


Wow they really ratcheted up the difficulty, especially for a sword & board guy like me. Only took me about 6 hours, but I finally have gotten the hang of using the gun to “parry.”

The most challenging part of the game to me so far is the world design. Each new area confuses the hell out of me, but I LOVE all the shortcuts. Feels so Demon’s Souls-y to me.

Good hunting, everyone!


I agree, I actually like all the shortcuts instead of a bunch of bonfires to teleport around like in Dark Souls 2. It makes the world feel more connected


Yes! Some of the placements of those bonfires in Dark Souls 2… :thumbsdown: In this game, the shortcuts are literally lifesavers, and are earned.

I also really like the feature that extra blood vials and bullets you pick up are “sent” to storage if you are already carrying the maximum, and your stock on - hand is automatically replenished from the storage when you respawn. It’s uncharacteristically nice of the devs.


Freakin’ lol. Yeah that is REALLY nifty. At first it was crazy how many potions I was getting but now it’s really slowed down. I just noticed all my reserves have run dry D: I guess it’s time to go farm some potions before I continue. (Another plus over Dark Souls 2, stuff just keeps respawning. )


Same here! I wanted to bare-hand that wolf so bad. Sooo close … and yet so far.

I’ve barely made it out of Central yet. Ridiculous. Haha.

PS: I accidentally killed the old man that’s in the Hunters Dream. Lol. I accidentally pressed the attack button in the middle of his speech. Oops. SO going on the highlight reel. Haha.

[quote=“BarryBillericay, post:15, topic:5456”]
Wow they really ratcheted up the difficulty, especially for a sword & board guy like me. Only took me about 6 hours, but I finally have gotten the hang of using the gun to “parry.”

All. Of. This. I barely use my pistol, I utilize the cleaver a lot more but I like the fact that the pistol can stop an enemy in it’s tracks if needed!


I definitely don’t know what happened to that old man in my hunter’s dream, I sure didn’t kill him or anything.