Bloodborne Patch 1.03



So people who are playing Bloodborne, things just got better. FromSoft is really good at patching and listening to the community. They see what is OP or abused online and are not afraid to hit it with the nerf bat. Today’s patch improved a lot of things:

  • Reduced loading times (approx 5-15 seconds depending on the area)
  • Changed loading screen to show item description lore
  • Fixed elevator and lift bugs
  • Fixed boss bugs
  • Cannon consumes 12 quicksilver bullets instead of 10
  • Old Hunter Bone magic consumers 5 Quicksilver Bullets instead of 6
  • Choir Bell consumes 8 Quicksilver bullets instead of 10 (Big deal for multiplayer)
  • Fixed the Suspend/Resume option for PS4 where it would bonk up the game
  • Fixed some skips and glitches. Let’s see the speedrunners beat the game under an hour now :stuck_out_tongue:

So for those who are enjoying their first playthrough, most of this will not have an impact on you except the load times! Have fun guys!

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First load into the game, I noticed the huge difference. Those loading times were horrid before the patch. They also now show you items and their description on loading screens! Makes me happy seeing as I haven’t seen every item just yet.


Nice! Yeah, the item descriptions are interesting and really weird sometimes. I love this game…


Yay! Hopefully I’ll get back into it this weekend and finish off the last cpl bosses now.

Must have been quite a few bombing with the OP Cannon lol


A few of my videos was saved by the OP cannon. The thing is garbage in NG+ but I took it ALL the way to +10 because of it’s strength. Now I realize it’s a waste of a weapon…


ugh, that sucks


Thanks, FROM!

I heard from a friend that the summoning times are greatly improved, too.


I got my Cannon to +9 and did not see a big benefit. But then, I only really started trying to use it in NG+, so maybe that’s why. Does it scale off Bloodtinge, maybe? I did not level that up much, if at all.


It does scale with BLD, but horribly. Think it’s a D rating. But it has huge base damage and that 30 min STR requirement.


Honestly it was a huge waste of bullets (even more now). From NG+ beyond I started using Empty Phantasm Shell. This gave me arcane damage for a short period of time. Since I didn’t use a gun I offhanded Ludwig’s rifle just to go with my blade. That had terrible scaling but I wasn’t using it so I didn’t bother.


Agreed about the waste of bullets, and now it costs even more? No thanks.

I have not been using a gun at all, and have really gotten out of practice with parrying (or stunning? Is it a parry if you’re shooting someone?)

Anyway, I’ve found that some enemies are easier to poise break with Ludwig’s Blade, and others with the sweet, swift Blades of Mercy. And others, like the horrible Ringu women in the dungeons, are unstoppable and are best avoided.


Yeeeees to the loading times!

Whenever the load screen happens + I’m streaming, I often hum this theme in my head while I wait:


Speaking of the cannon, I actually got one shotted when my friend and I got invaded (I was the summoned character). Good ol’ cheese fest when the dude was using a blue elixir (makes you invisible when you’re standing still). I ended up standing almost right next to him while we were looking for him haha. In the end it was kind of hilarious when I got blown away


I need to get back to playing some more bloodborne. Excited to see the load times have been improved!