Bloodborne Release-Day Stream TONIGHT!



I’m hype for this. Seriously. I’ve been waiting for this game for the longest time so I’m VERY excited to start my blind play-through tonight. (I say ‘blind’ because I’ve never touched a Dark Souls game before. I’ve watched others stream it but haven’t played them myself.)

I start tonight at 9PM PST / 11AM CST / 12AM EST live on Twitch here:

Am I going to get rekt a lot? Yup! Am I going to love every single second of it? Absolutely!

(Sidenote: I realize that some of you might not be able to make it because you don’t want to be spoiled and that’s okay. But I’d appreciate some #StratsLove since this is my first release stream since I did The Order: 1886!)

As if you couldn’t already tell … I’m hype. Haha. I will also be streaming BB for the Team Strats Birthday Event along with Life Is Strange. Thanks in advance, everyone! xx


I will do my best to stay up until 3 to i can hop in and say hi! Awesome post too @simplyundrea :smile:


Ooooh, a Souls virgin! You are in for a treat!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch, as I will be playing it myself - I scheduled off work tomorrow so I can be up all night!

Good luck, Good Hunter!


I’m not going to watch cuz this is the one game that I actually don’t want any spoilers to. But I will host you if I can do it thru my phone lol


haha! Good for me, I’m in Kuwait! I’ll wake up early and play it! :smiley:

Pretty much my first game like this as well! I’ve played a bit of Lords of the Fallen and love it, but couldn’t get into Dark Souls with a mouse and keyboard on the pc with the horrid port that the first one had.

Good luck fellow virgin!


Aaand I’m LIVE now!

- - -

EDIT: First impressions. Wow. WOW. The graphics are just beautiful. The background noise and environment really gives the feeling of desolation + foreboding.

The cries of terror you can hear while walking through Yharnam set the stage, as well. It really hits home that you’re a Lone Hunter while running through the streets. The atmosphere is really something.

The enemies growls + the dialagoue while you fight them all add to the multi-layered setting. The weapons are great, too. (Love being able to dual wield the Cleaver/Pistol combo.) Movement is very fluid. Striking with the Cleaver is smooth.

The load screens do take some time, though.

(And I haven’t made it past Central Yharnam yet but this is just my take on the game so far.)


Taken from IGN’s twitter:
Sony has confirmed Bloodborne is getting a patch to reduce load times and increase performance

Yay for reduced loadtimes!


That patch isn’t out yet is it? I just installed Bloodborne on my lunch break and downloaded a 2.69gb patch. That was only ~2h ago.


Had a day one patch, this is a separate one that is in the making


I only have the day-one patch that came with my digital download of BB.

I can’t wait until this other patch comes out, I could really use a reduction in time for those loading screens.

Sidenote: In my ‘Online’ game settings, I have the regions set to ‘Worldwide’ + the password matching to StratsCo so I can play with you guys when the need arises!

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks for that. Still at work so haven’t even been able to get past the title screen (loaded to trigger the update process, lol)