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For Whom the Bell Tolls

If you’ve ever played a FromSoftware “Souls” game before, you know that there are bosses that can bring the pain. From the dynamic duo Ornstein and Smough to the triple threat Ruin Sentinels, sometimes the odds are just are just not in you favor not matter HOW grossly incandescent you are. Luckily FromSoft has a nifty summon system to bring people into your game to give you a hand through tough areas and bosses. Bloodborne will continue this tradition of co-op fun.

The Beckoning Bell will be your tool to summon up to two players who have used their Small Resonant Bell into your world. In past games, you show up as a white spirit (or yellow, for those who praise it). You can summon people for an entire area until the boss is defeated, in which everyone still alive is sent back. But don’t die, because they will be kicked out and you will have to re-summon.

The purpose of this thread is a new feature, the Watchword. Set through the options menu you can create a word that will help match you up with people of the same Watchword. This will allow you to co-op with people exclusively, such as fellow Strats members. Use the word StratsCo to let others from Strats join your world exclusively.

From the main menu go to System > Network

How to Summon:

In Bloodborne you need what is called Insight. Similar to Humanity in Dark Souls, consuming “Madman’s Skulls”, beating bosses or helping others with bosses will earn you this slightly rare stat. Each time you use a Beckoning Bell you will require the use of one Insight. This can be a little intimidating at first for new players who do not have a lot of insight, but I imagine you will find a lot of Madman’s Skulls and fight a lot of bosses. So be sure to really be careful when summoning people! You don’t want to burn through all your insight! After gaining your first insight you will awaken the Plain Doll in the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Beckoning Bell. This is where you can spend your Blood Echos you’ve collected to level up your stats. After you gain ten Insight you will be able to pick up the Small Resonant Bell and Sinister Resonant Bell which lets you get summoned to/invade other players worlds.

So if you need help with a boss or a tough area, don’t be afraid to ask! I will certainly try my best to help anyone that is struggling. I know what it’s like to be stuck for actual days on a boss when I was new and didn’t understand the game.

How it felt when I didn’t have skills to pay the bills:

Time to start makin’ plays and sayin’ praise with some jolly co-operation!


That’s a neat concept. Maybe I’ll look into this.

I despised Dark Souls 2 because some scrub joined my game 5 minutes after I started and killed me. One of those guys that had all the uber gear but never bothered to level up.

I returned the game shortly after that.


Hah! Never take that seriously. It’s a love/hate kind of deal with invaders. It can be an intense fight or it can be a terrible troll that ruins your awesome run. That was fixed in an update later where people with certain soul levels couldn’t invade new players.

This is also something people should be aware of, it’s a totally online game, so prepare your butt because other players can invade and kill you then give you a good feeling taunt to show they stabbed you in the back when you were fighting five giants. THE SKILL IS OVERWHELMING.


Thanks for this, @Nubhugs! Totally new to anything ‘Souls’ so I needed this post.

I will definitely be tapping you for help when I need it!


If anybody other then undrea or nubs asks for help then I’ll help… for those 2 in gonna stand to the side and watch… The saltiness is real.




I’m new to the Souls series as well. I have a feeling I will be using this thread a bunch. Haha


No shame in that Huntersknoll. I want to help everyone enjoy the games like i do :slight_smile:


Excellent post, thanks!

I am too excited for this game - midnight cannot arrive soon enough!

And for those new to the series, apparently they’ve switched up the combat, so I think we’ll all be struggling for awhile.

See y’all in Yharnam!


I feel you bro.

@Nubhugs Praise the sun! I’m no stranger to the Souls games, but this is a really beneficial thread to all of those who are new. Thank you for writing it up. Umbasa.


Thanks for this @Nubhugs :smile: so exited to play this later tonight!
I think @DrizztDo_Urden69 needs some Preperation H though, he’s still hurting from last Friday lol.

Bloodborne - Main Thread

I think so too, @ghosthog! Haha. -Butt hurt pick up in Aisle 5!- Lol.


Yall ain’t cool yo…


Sorry @DrizztDo_Urden69, I couldn’t resist a little poke. Love you man! :smiley:


Just clarifying: so for us to be able to primarily co-op together, we should go into settings–network and set password matching to StratsCo. If we don’t, then we’re open to anyone popping into our game when we ring the bell, which could be someone helpful or someone who wants to PVP.

Also, you can call for help once you get one insight (by seeing a boss or getting a Madman’s skull/knowledge) and get the Beckoning Bell–costs 1 insight to use. (get 1 insight first time you meet a boss, 2 insight when you beat the boss)

Not until you get 10 insight can you get the Small Resonant Bell to use so can be summoned by others to help them–doesn’t cost insight to use.


Regardless of whether you can get people into your game or not, when you ring the bell, adversaries can join your game and kill you (up to 2). if you have a friend in your game already with you (3 slots total, 1 for host, 1 for friend, 1 empty) that empty slot can still be filled by an adversary that can kill you and your friend.

Just be wary of who you try summoning :smiley:


Good to know! Also read you need to be within 10 levels of each other so at lvl 26 I wouldn’t be able to help anyone w boss 1 as far as I can tell.

Anyone try this yet? How was it?


I was not aware that you can get an invader by ringing the bell. I have not tried it yet, but I was begining to wonder why I wasn’t invaded. I guess that’s ok when you are trying to progress but I kind of like being invaded randomly. Unless I didn’t notice, I haven’t gotten my Small Resonant Bell. I’m past 10 insight too.

The 10 levels of each other makes sense but can you heal when you are summoned anymore? I thought I had read that you cannot.


I’m not sure about healing.

To get the other bells once you have 10 insight, you need to go to a different Bath in the Hunter’s dream, it’s outside the door near where the hunter in the chair usually sits. It has all the stuff you can purchase with insight. (Note that if you purchase things with insight (there’s also some armor and stuff) and drop below 10 insight, the next time you go, that bath will be inactive again).

I believe you can still use the bell though once purchased but I haven’t played with the coop mode. I’ll try it out tonight if need help with 3rd boss.


What! I didn’t know there was another fountain. Thanks @ghosthog. I thought I had explored the Hunter’s dream thoroughly. I believe you get insight for helping people beat bosses. I’m kind of scared to spend mine.

I’m within your level range, I believe I’m 30 so you can summon me if need be.