Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti?



Im looking to buy a microphone for my stream, currently using my Siberia v2 headset. Looking for opinions on either one of these?


I prefer the C01U to either Blue products, personally.

I think it looks better (more like a real professional mic) and it functions very well.


Yeti > Snowball

The thing I love about the Yeti (coming form a sound-engineering background) over your Samson is the availability of settings on-mic rather than just software-side, which is how the overwhelming-majority of condenser mics are in the audio world.

Agree to disagree; ref. above :wink:

That said, the tinyVocino mic is a trooper and does a whole lot for very little (spoiler, it’s the one I use on the Weekly ;))


I’ve used my blue yeti for a year and a half so far and have had 0 issues with it it’s the best usb microphone to go with if you ask me and extremely durable​:blush::ok_hand:


Now i just need to find the money for it :eyes:


Mine vocino mic died after a few weeks of use. I need to replace so I can go back to using my good headphones.


RIP. I think you’re the first one to have one die. I know @Vocino still has one, I think @tommy2118 still has his, and I’ve got 2 in my setup that are both still kicking :wink:


I think there was a break in the cord somewhere. For the price I’m not upset about it. I’ll probably get another one.


Now that you mention that, I did have one show up DOA when I ordered the second one, but all in all they’ve been awesome to me.


I know I’m late to the party, but LOVE my Yeti! While I’ve heard good things about the Snowball, if you have the extra coin the Yeti is the way to go. And I really splurged - I picked up a cheap pop filter off of Amazon too (it’s all about the little details).