Blue Yeti on sale this weekend


The code is valid until midnight Sunday :wink:


Expires at midnight tomorrow


My wife might think I’ve gone a little too hardcore if I bought something like that. Guess I’ll stick with my headset for now.


I have a blue yeti pro, and the thing is insanely good quality for the money… And that’s at full price.


I tried the code and it wont work. :frowning:


Did you use it on the blackout Yeti? The booth said it was for that specific mic and the discount was going to run until midnight tonight, but maybe they got it wrong and it was midnight last night since that’s when TwitchCon ended.


I tried using it on the blackout yeti and everything. I just wanted to let everyone know what the deal was, but it wouldn’t go through.


Was really hoping they’d have a deal on the yeti pro. Someday.


FWIW Blue sells a gaming bundle with an HD60 ($179) and a Blackout Yeti ($149) for $280 with Prime.


Just hit buy! I guess I’m always going to be waiting for something. Come on Sept 29th!