Book club proposal!


So random idea here…I tend to read a new book every week and perhaps we could start an online book club where we poll next weeks book and perhaps it’s something we can incorporate into the stream after it’s over etc. I am always trying to find the next great book so maybe it will be a good way to get suggestions. Anyone interested?


We could start with @JRWarlord book


well I think it is a cool idea. I do have a suggestion if you have not read this:


Or anything by Douglas Adams


I ll make it my next book. Last three for me were the Martian, ready player one and off to be a wizard. I try to bundle my genres up then switch completely :slight_smile:


@Majordomo, your next read is the entire Discworld series :wink:


I still need to read those.


Is there no ebook for those? All I’m seeing is third party sellers.


Auth you have no idea how much I want to read those. But I still need to read neuromancer , snow crush, the way of kings and a billion other books as well lol


the first book of disc world is a bit slow but it is a good introduction to the world. after that it is amazing. there would be times i was reading that i would spend as much time laughing, smirking, or groaning as i was reading


I’m in!