Borderlands Birthday Streaming Tonight?



I think I remember that someone was going to stream Borderlands 2 tonight as part of the weekend celebrations. I believe this is also the first of the Friday night B2 weekly event. Who was streaming and how can I get in? I will be home around 530 and ready to go.


Let’s do it!


I can get on at 7pm EST for an hour or two!


I was going to stream this for the birthday event! Looks like we have an awesome foursome to run amuck and get fat loot, lol. So I should be online and streaming no later than 7pm est. Lemme know if that works for everyone


I am good for 7pm. @Droul @Dynamible what level are you guys?
Me and Zilla are level 11


i think i just hit 11 last night…if not i am very close to it.


I’m level 12, and I also can’t tell time. I meant 7PM CST, which is 8PM EST. If I can hop on earlier I will, but 7PM is my kid’s bed-time, and 5 is too young to watch badasses.

Spred, I finished entering all those codes, and at the end I must’ve had 80-90 keys. I spend 11 the first night, and four or five yesterday, and I still have around 70.


we will be on line and ready for you whenever you get the kiddies to bed @ohnokenzilla!


A few of those keys were old keys that still worked. They gave me an already used message meaning I had them on my old ps3. Unfortunately no way for me to get those bad boys back


I’m level 12 I think.


Tagging @blinkbrac just in case. :smiley: