Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is coming

How’s the humor in Borderlands? I hear memesters like @Vocino love this kind of stuff and I too enjoy a good laugh in my video entertainment.

I really like Handsome Jack as a character/villain. He really makes the story of Borderlands 2 for me. I thought The Pre-Sequel did a good job of providing more backstory on Jack as well as some of the minor characters/bosses from B2 (the heroes in TPS are all present in B2 or the DLC).

I play the Borderlands games for the humor and story, not just because they are good shooters. Although there are a lot of guns.

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I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I really like picking out the colors!

How about these:

#F9CE03 for the Font

#952207 for the BG

[quote=“Nubhugs, post:17, topic:4465, full:true”]
I think I smell a team forming up. A team of handsome guys. The … Gorgeous group…

‘The Gorgeous Group?’ Sign me up! Haha. :smile:

The amount of DLC content is just insane, too.

I played Borderlands 2 with @PeterThomas6 in the past so this will give me a chance to catch up with B1!


Since @Auth shot down (with legal action) the idea of a Gorgeous Group, we need a new name. I propose “Strats Sensual Squad”.


I like it, but we have too many SSS things. just saying

Name some SSS stuff! I’m too afraid NOT to include Strats in fear of Auth finding someone that did it first, so I’m limited to S words. What do you suggest? “Drizz’s Dapper Dudes”?

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“Strats Sherpa Services” :wink:

Nobody calls that “SSS”! but… you are right… We can’t go with Strats Sensual Squad. Dag you Dynamible

How about Strats Gorgeous Squad? kinda combine the 2 ideas

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I can get behind that name. Gorgeous Squad unite!

Strats Squadron - Gorgeous ??

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Codename: Gorgeous

New team. New attitude. New mission.

Coming 2015 to select theaters


I think we need a Borderlands category. Mainly because my wife (who does actually have a forum account but never posts @Rach2D2) absolutely loves Borderlands and we’ve had a great time playing co-op on the PS3. We will have to pick this up.

Seconded. I think this could draw some loot hungry Destiny players over, at least until the next expansion. Like Dagnagable.

plus, I’ve never played this game and now I have friends to do so with

It is actually a lot like Destiny but with 100% more funny.


It had to be done. Pls no haterino Dagnagable.

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The constant drops and varied content make the game amazing.