Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Me and some friends are considering buying the new Borderlands. It’s for sale on steam for thirty bucks. I wanted to see if anyone else would like to join us on our journey. We have played all the others borderlands and thought might as well try it.

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Like many games, I own this but haven’t played it very much. Claptrap is a blast. Athena was sorta interesting but the others didn’t really excite me all that much (I haven’t played since Jack was released).

Edit - Looking over Jack’s skill trees, he seems neat.

Got pc right?

Obligatory request to the universe for a 100% new Borderlands for current gen consoles.


Yes I’m Arkamedeez on the Steam group.

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That might be a while since the --next-- current-gen title from Gearbox will be Battleborn if you didn’t already know.


That actually looks pretty fun.

Woah what is this? Why have I never heard of this?

You never asked me.

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