Borderlands the Pre-Sequel



Me and some friends are considering buying the new Borderlands. It’s for sale on steam for thirty bucks. I wanted to see if anyone else would like to join us on our journey. We have played all the others borderlands and thought might as well try it.


Like many games, I own this but haven’t played it very much. Claptrap is a blast. Athena was sorta interesting but the others didn’t really excite me all that much (I haven’t played since Jack was released).

Edit - Looking over Jack’s skill trees, he seems neat.


Got pc right?


Obligatory request to the universe for a 100% new Borderlands for current gen consoles.


Yes I’m Arkamedeez on the Steam group.


That might be a while since the --next-- current-gen title from Gearbox will be Battleborn if you didn’t already know.


That actually looks pretty fun.


Woah what is this? Why have I never heard of this?


You never asked me.