Bow down filthy console peasants!



It took me 10+ minutes to realize what movie this was from. Then I got the joke


Not the brightest, but we all still love you haha


My wife and I saw American Sniper on Valentine’s Day and the line for 50 Shades of Grey was ridiculously long and at least 80% groups of single women. :wink:


I would love to see 50 Shades. For one reason. To judge the crap out of it and get the survival t-shirt.


@Nubhugs that is a good way to cover the fact that you secretly loved the books and have seen the movie twice already. No one is buying the 10 minutes thing sorry


Wait hold on what the hell is going on with my post…

Edit (I guess it’s not showing up?!)



I have that tower on the bottom left corner.


Same :wink:



Wrong thread?