Brace yourself


Official Strats t-shirts are coming.


I might actually get one. My wife would just be happy to see me in something other than a white t-shirt.


Noice. Any preview of what they look like?


I only wear shmediums. I would like to be represented.


We need warm-up suits. With our number on them. So we can prep for the game.


When do we pick numbers?


I’m using a system that will allow everyone to select their own sizing and have it shipped direct from the warehouse.


Awesome. Now let’s aim for hats.


I would love to have the Strats logo branded on my Speedo.


Don’t forget about the ever popular “Strats” tramp stamp.


Hey Vocino,
I am a graphic designer so if you ever need help doing graphic work for anything like this or the site let me know!