Brainstorming a Strats podcast

Use this thread to dump ideas.

  • Call it “Strategy & Company” as a throwback that has meaning both to us in Strats as well as a potential listener looking in a gaming category.
  • advetising vehicle for
  • live on Twitch
  • recorded distribution on YouTube and Facebook for video, iTunes RSS for audio
  • weekly guests from the community or outside
  • format: top multiplayer gaming stories. Prioritize threads from Strats with backup until the community can support enough content

Q&A section open to anyone viewing the stream. Possibly entertain an email address that folks can send questions to as well in case they can’t be at the live event but want to know something.


Rather than an email address, I can create a thread each week for questions. Private questions can be DMed if that’s an issue.

I was thinking more something that could be in the youtube description, etc. for people outside the community to submit questions to. I figure the community generally just posts questions anyhow; this would allow a forum for potential recruits to pose their questions without having to join up first :wink:

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Posting the link works better for that. The “sign up to reply” button is a huge conversion action.

Would anyone be interested in taking on the responsibility of competitive analysis?

  • what are some similar format podcasts?
  • what distribution channels are they using?
  • how often are they released?

I can use this data to target people that listen to competitors and skyrocket viewership.

I would like to do the market research on this.


I’ve only watched a few of their podcasts, but the Grievance gaming community might be a good comparison. I know they have multiple weekly shows covering various MMOs that their members are playing or intend to play.

We were just featured on that podcast.




I know that feel :wink:

Hypothetical list of topics assuming a show today:

  • World of Warcraft up 600k subscribers to 7.4m
  • Kingdom Under Fire II took seven years and $50M to complete
  • Skyforge Reveals Orders of Aelion
  • Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade Interview: When Tabletop and Online Gaming Collide

I love the idea of a strats podcast!!

I haven’t listened in a while but the Painkiller Already podcast was based around the Call of Duty community. Started off as a bunch of competitive players and commentators getting together. they had a core few with some regular guests in and out. occasionally they would have a special guest. it’s sort of what i would envision a strats podcast format to be. they were a weekly podcast. i’ve heard they’ve added a video element, but they have evolved into more of a shock-jock type of show instead of being more gaming based…and i haven’t listened in well over a year.

i can see broadcasting over twitch. there must be some sort of software similar to google hangouts or skype to put a bunch of different webcams on one screen. i’ll look into this a bit too.

Just a bunch of window captures in OBS works; I can’t see a need for anything fancier than that at present.

window captures of what though? skype?

Probably Google Hangouts. Skype is resource intensive and not very good. Hangouts will do dynamic speaker as well.

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@tommy2118 and I were talking about this, I’ve got some experience running some production software through my job. I’d like to take on the production side of this if possible. I’m going to download OBS and figure it out. But I can handle graphics, lower thirds, camera switching, sound and video drops, etc.


Man this is turning into a major production! Sounds like we may need some assets like sounds and graphics.

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Graphics is right up my alley. I can probably figure out the sound portion too!

@spectrum21 do you have any examples of broadcast packages you’ve made?