BREAKING NEWS - Albion Online has a release date!



Summer couldn’t get any hotter! Albion Online will LAUNCH on July 17. March 13 will be the release of the “final” update so that leaves 3 months to test some massive changes to the game world.

Who needs Mass Effect. GET ON THIS HYPE TRAIN.

This announcement is a little funny since @Auth and I were just talking about this last night.


That hype train derailed about a year ago. Hopefully they’re back on track though; I’d like to see it succeed.


It can only succeed with YOUR HELP.

Get back on that horse! Make StratsCo great again!


My honest opinion on this:

I spent $100 on this game back in 2015. I will at least try it at launch, buy myself a private island and likely just farm for a while, do PvE stuff. I don’t think I could commit the time needed to play hardcorely.

I want to get something out of my investment.


Your right. Lets do it!
Sounds like they’'re adding quite a bit of pve content. Another 5+ month beta though seems long, especially considering first final beta started last August.

They pretty much had me with this:
“Two new emotes have been added : /point and /sit”


There is a lot of PvE content being added, and some of it solo I do believe.

Although this final final beta phase will only be about 3 months (Mar-June).


This hype train derailed a long time ago.


Wow, that is pretty big news. It’s been a very long time coming. I think I spent at least $500 on this with giving out packs to people as well as on my own account.


WHAT!?!? I LOVE Albion


Too soon.


So I logged into the Albion test server. The server for pre-release content before it’s placed on the actual test server.

Seems confusing.

Anyway, I wanted to check out this big uber patch which will push this game toward release. And I have to admit that I actually like the changes which I’ve experienced so far.

For example, now your character will continually gather from a node until it is depleted. Previously you had to mouse click every time you gathered from a node. Also, there have been some neat improvements to the UI, specifically the character inventory sheet and ways to track your current quests for advancing the Destiny Board.

In all the starter towns there is now a portal which will send you to a solo T3 dungeon. I just reached T3 for bows and medium armor so I will check out this dungeon very soon.


When does that go to the live beta? I am testing out my build on what I am going to work on now… I’m wondering how much of my planning will change.


March 13 I believe.