Bringing down keep walls efficiently



Has anyone actually tested the dps of a stone trebuchets vs dominion ballistae against keep walls?

Would anyone be willing to test which is more effective since there seems to be a debate?

I propose we use 6 ballistae on one 100% keep wall, then use 6 trebuchets on another.

Use a timer to see which one brings the walls down to 50% faster.

Given that we don’t get slaughtered, such data, much info.

This may be moot, but if its not it would be valuable info.


You could figure out the dps of each siege engine with out a difficult trial. Figure out the damage X siege engine hits for and divide by the reload time.


I was playing with guys from Undersiege and they insist that it’s the Ballistae. Not the fire, the regular. I have a feeling the lower damage from ballistae is overcome by the faster attack speed. I’m up for a test to be sure though.


That makes a lot more sense.


I moved this thread to training…great stuff btw.


Stone one, does the most damage for the wall, I will write down numbers next time and report back:)