Broken .gifs on the forums


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I noticed in the latest #strats thread that the .gif in the OP is breaking for no discernible reason. It seems to work sometimes, then magically stop working. I’ve tried forcing it as both http:// and https:// and neither seem to bring about long term resolution (though changing the OP does fix it briefly). @teh_ninjaneer sees the same thing as me (I’m on Chrome, not sure what he’s using offhand).




Doing a “rebuild html” on the post seemed to fix it. Though I see you’re actively editing it so I’m not sure. Hard to troubleshoot if it changes.


I haven’t edited it since before posting the bug thread, and I just looked and it’s broken again.


Could it be how imgur is handling gifv links, or how the site is handling the link itself?

You’ll notice that when you hover over the link, the status bar shows which looks to be a direct link. Once you click that link though, it sends you to which is more of an album style of the gif. I wonder if you were to rehost the same gif elsewhere, or if @vocino was to allow gifv extensions we could try uploading it directly to strats.

I should also mention that the status URL shows it’s .gif, but when you click the link to view it on imgur, and right click to “open the video in a new tab”, it actually does show as a .gifv. Saving that video also saves it in .givf format.


We can use gifv links, but they come up with a play button rather than auto-playing, which is a byproduct of the code the forums is built on; I’m not sure we can change it, which is why I direct link to the .gif instead of not specifying (which defaults to the .gifv).


You can use those links yes, but what I mean by uploading to strats is actually uploading it through the post. This is the error I get when doing so



Yeah, I just try to save the server space by linking my .gifs whenever possible (we got in trouble that one time) :wink:


Images are mirrored and hosted by us unless they’re from a good source like imgur where we can count on them staying up.