Brutus Update for Albion Online



Looks like the Quality of life features are things that are much needed, at least on PC. I like the other additions also.

What does everyone think?


finally, stack food to 999, wish I were still playing just so I could do that


Good steps in the right direction. I really hope they are able to expand the size of the world in this content patch, if not, definitely by the time they wipe the servers mid-closed beta.


Yeah I like that the food can stack to 999 now, that’s so much better than the 5-10 dreadful number. They take up so much space in the chest.

I don’t really think the dungeon update is enough, like only one new dungeon and a few new mobs is nothing spectacular if we’re being honest. That content will run dry after the first 3 times you run it, that is if you even run it.

I think they need to add a quick salvage to be honest, it’s dreadful to drag the items up to the box every time.

One other huge thing I think they should add to the game is some sort of an arena. I think they need a 5v5 arena where either teams put up 250,000 silver (50,000 each member) and the winner (the opposing 5 die) gets the 500,000 (minus tax). Something that provides a ground of “fair fight” or something like that. The game is a lot more interesting when you’re running 5 members into 5 opposing members, not when you’re running 5 into 9. So obviously I don’t expect that to come soon, but think something of that nature needs to happen down the road.


I got in, still couldn’t stack pie above 10… got right the hell out of there again, I have 3 chests full of pie


They haven’t released the update yet, it’s in the upcoming patch at the end of the month.


haha, totally wasn’t paying attention to that part, thanks :smile:


@Speakmore they already have a 5v5 field event built into the game that the game is essentially designed around. Adding an arena makes 5v5 GvG fighting for territories useless and degrades the intended gameplay as it is currently designed.