Bueno - Wheatums here!

Hey everybody, names Dave but online you can usually find me under Wheatums or Wheatums310.
My first video games were Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo. I’m a former Marine and currently a Paramedic student. As far as games go, I love anything post apocalyptic or space related. Right now my time is going into school, ArcheAge and Destiny [PS3]. I’m also playing BF4 [PC] and Warframe [PC].

So look me up, I’m always down for something new and exciting… as far as games are concerned.


  • Wheatums [Strats]
  • Wheatums310 [PSN] [Steam]
  • Terminallance
  • MrIceGuy
  • LegoLost
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Welcome bro:)


Nice to meet you but unfortunately we have already exceeded our Dave limit.

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Rule 6… there is no Rule 6
Rule 7… no poofters

Our Lord, we beseech thee etc. etc. etc. AMEN

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