[Build] DK PVP (Support)



This is what I’m going to spec into for testing the return of ESO on my Orc DK. A support/healer build for small-scale PvP that relies on shield stacking, direct heals and sustain to keep group members up and support kills.


  • Healing (resto staff heals) and shields for group support
  • Pseudo-tank (gap closer, Flame Lash, Harness Magicka) to survive under pressure
  • Small scale PvP (5 - 15 man group play).


  • 5H/2L (raw armor, magicka regen)
  • 26 Health / 36 Magicka (roughly)
  • Race: Breton, Altmer are ideal. Magicka racials help here. But I’m an Orc so…


Durability, gap closer, minor CC, and a major shield.

  • Pierce Armor. Target debuff, stam dump when not blocking.
  • Flame Lash. Leverage stun from gap closer.
  • Shielded Assault. Gap closer, shield on hit.
  • Green Dragon Blood. Mandatory self-heal + stamina regen.
  • Harness Magicka. Currently works against all abilities. Very effective. Last shield to be used, so layer multiple shields to keep the negation effect going.
  • Magma Shell (ultimate). Caps incoming damage, damage shield synergy for allies.


Direct heals, shield buff (group), armor buff (self). This is your support bar.

  • Healing Springs. Ground heal, magicka regen.
  • Igneous Shield. Group shield, group healing buff. Layer with Harness Magicka.
  • Mutagen. Direct heal, cleanse.
  • Green Dragon Blood. Mandatory self-heal + stamina regen.
  • Hardened Armor. Major armor & spell resist buffs, damage shield. Layer with Harness Magicka.
  • Magma Shell (ultimate). Caps incoming damage, damage shield synergy for allies.


  • You can run Standard of Might instead of Magma Shell on your melee bar depending on your group composition.
  • Harness Magicka is the key to this build. Stack shields, and it’s direct effect (spell negate) will work through them, even though the shield itself won’t be consumed. Manage it right (aka refresh your other shields) and you can manage a lot of uptime.


  • Choking Talons (root, damage debuff)
  • Dragon Fire Scale (projectile reflect)
  • Cinder Storm (PBAoE snare, damage)
  • Cleanse (purge debuffs, minor heal)
  • Caltrops (AoE bleed, snare)
  • Inevitable Detonation (big PBAoE damage on target)
  • Retreating Maneuver


Would this character be the 2nd line, just behind the main tank? It looks like this build would really keep a group alive with the combination of heals, debuffs on incoming damage, and shielding.


How do you think this build will holdup during solo PvE and Dungeons?

BTW, I’m putting together a Imperial Templar Build to accompany you in the return to TESO testing. I’ll post it when I get it built.


The DK group shield has a fairly short radius, so the build would have to play close to the action.

I wish more people would try builds like this. The templar is not the only “healer” in the game.

Edit - I don’t see where @Vocino mentions it in his build description, but the strength of DK shields are based on the caster’s max health. I do not know if this has been changed with Tamriel Unlimited, but I know this is how it worked when the game originally launched.