[Build] The Two-Handed One Shot

Credit for this build goes to : http://youtu.be/lVGuyFcd8nk

For anybody who still plays ESO, I’ve been looking around at builds lately and i found one that i find hilarious in pvp. What i’ve got right now can do ~2.2k damage in one hit, but this is without armor buffs. This build focuses completely on being able to sneak up to an enemy close enough to use Wrecking Blow (a morph of Uppercut). When you use this from sneak, it does crazy high damage, and can one shot most people.

In order to do this, you’ll need to get a Two-Handed weapon (preferably a sword) and level the skill line up to 14. At 14, you’ll unlock the Uppercut ability, this ability is the most important part of the build. The hardest part of this build is sneaking up to an enemy close enough to use Uppercut, which has a range of a mere 7 meters. This is made much easier with the addition of Vampirism, for speed in sneak, and the racial passive Sneaky, which decreases your stealth radius by 3 meters, and adds 10% more damage when attacking from stealth. I know that Bosmer and Khajit have this racial passive, i don’t know about others.

When going in for the kill on this build, it’s best to approach from the back or side, and use uppercut while in sneak. It also helps if you are a Sorc and can use Surge to buff your weapon beforehand, as shown here :

Now if you don’t get the kill the first hit, you can follow up with a Stampede ( morph of Critical Charge ) to deal an additional 300 damage, and immobilize the target for another 2 seconds, making them much easier to kill, as demonstrated here :

The downsides to this build are that it’s pretty damn squishy, and there’s really not much you can do to follow up your initial attack.

If you try this build i hope you enjoy it, happy hunting!

[All damage calculations based off VR12 TwoHanded Sword with Surge and other buffs]


Well hello ESO! Nice build.


i ve missed you massive, you dont send me any letters anymore :frowning: come on mumble and talk to me bro

Been a while since i’ve been in the mumble, not much going on for me since Wildstar came out.

After messing around with this for a bit, it works better with Critical Rush (~500 damage) than with Stampede (~300 damage + immobilize).