Building a new box need a reccomendation


I want to go triple monitor, so I need to figure out a motherboard and video card arrangement that will support that. I’m thinking of going Intel for the first time in 18 years.


My triple monitor setup is 2x1080p, 1x1440p (all three run g-sync @ 144hz). Motherboard is not a limiting factor so long as it can support your video card. I run a single GTX 980, which support my three monitors easily.

If you want to run triple monitor gaming. My setup wont work. You need a lot more video card power, and most importantly, all three monitors need to match resolutions and physical size.

If you are going to be buying all the components to support a three monitor configuation, I’d almost recommend waiting a few months for the next series of video cards to release. I don’t really follow AMD, but nVidia’s next line of cards represents a significant step forward, even from the latest 900 series.


Good advice, let’s see how long this rig holds out…