Bungie Employee Reddit AMA Scandal

If you haven’t heard, there’s a reddit user claiming to be a Bungie employee spilling the beans on why Destiny did not come out as they intended it to be (tl;dr pressure from “higher-ups”).

Bungie is claiming that this reddit user is not a Bungie employee. Reddit mods have asked reddit user to provide proof that he/she is Bungie employee. Reddit user chose not to provide proof fearing termination.

Nonetheless it makes for an interesting read. Check it out here, someone has compiled the Q & As. It certainly explains a lot of things like the completely shafted storyline. I can’t help to feel like this guy’s telling the truth:


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Deej from Bungie confirmed it as a troll, but who knows. It all really doesn’t matter at this point.

Yeah I saw and it doesn’t matter right now but it does give me hope that the expansions might have a more robust storyline.

I don’t understand why this is scandalous. These commenters have no understanding of software development or any project development, for that matter. What project doesn’t have pressure from a bottom-line?

Answer: ones that never get completed. Just look at all the Kickstarter games from indie studios that raise money and never finish. That’s because there is no management forcing cuts on deadlines.

This is project management 101.


That’s the problem with the general community. So many people get in an uproar and start pointing fingers and claiming various things, but have no idea how the industry works, how the business works or anything. They think game development is all fun and games and is a simple task. Add new story, sure that won’t take long. Create a new planet in the game, not a problem. In reality it’s a huge undertaking which requires a lot more resources than the average gamer understands.

It’s something that will never get better either.

Didn’t mean that part to be the scandalous part. Obviously they are in the business to make $$ (bc who isn’t?). I was referring more to the reddit user claiming he’s an employee and Bungie denying it.

This post is along the same lines as far as insight into development.

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