Bungie HoW Stream Discussion Megathread



TBH I had no idea Bungie was streaming HoW today - however I saw a couple tweets about it and decided to gather it all here. Very interesting tidbits so far. Unfortunately I can’t watch the stream too busy at work today.

Please share any bits of info you see as well.

  • Prison of Elders (new end-game game mode) may change from week-to-week. Raid-like difficulty
  • Prison of Elders will reset every week
  • New social area in The Reef. Going beyond The Tower!
  • New factions. Osiris, Queen’s Wrath
  • Faction vendors have new item sets and weapons

Will update when I can but as always, here’s reddit to the rescue:


New social area in The Reef. Going beyond The Tower!

New factions. Osiris, Queen’s Wrath


Looks like some promising changes.


Oh gosh. We have to get ready!


I’m only level 26!


Get ready faster!


Just FYI to all of you, I will be stream the DAY it releases. I want to do the prison of elders that day(if we get a good team) Any takers on going through the missions and PoE with me on stream?

And also thanks everyone who came out last night for the stream. it was fun and I have Gorgon CP now for all of you who were there.(Also put in a request to join clan if someone could accept it please)


Accepted. I’m ramping up now.


Added link to a treasure trove of info on reddit




Join us.


No! I don’t need it!


You do too. They’re making things so much easier on all of us with this dlc.


I was sooooo close to 30 when I stopped playing. I kinda wish kept playing. Anybody wanna help me with a few levels? :grin:


You can get up to 31 with vangard gear now.


If people are seriously considering coming back and your gear sux we can get a few of us to pull you through Crota normal for some gear. IF you are serious about playing again.


If you’re on the XB1 and need help, hit me up (GT johnqrandom). All raid gear, armor and weapons, will be upgradable so VoG gear matters again. Guns and Armor.

The next 2 Wendesdays will have more walkthroughs of the content, one to explore Trials of Osiris, the other to explore the Arena IIRC. Both to be streamed.

Some other things seen on the walkthrough-

New faction, rep chracter is a Fallen Vandal.
New gear for all factions, “unique” armor from each faction, including Shaxx (Cruicible) and Vanguard, as well as DO, FWC, and NM.
Many new perks available on HoW gear. One that was briefly shown gave a boost for "unassisted kills."
New ships, including the Reef ships you see in the cutscene, and the ships seen at the beginning of the teaser.
Trials of Osiris (new cruicble event) will be weekends only. It may coincide with an Iron Banner week.
The new “material” is used to upgrade various weapons and gear, however it drops from new AND old content, specificallly Nightfall was mentioned.
They confirmed that level cap would be reachable if you haven’t purchased HoW, but they also said it would take you longer to get there. Probably because the new material drops are in weekly locking content like Nightfall, and those with the HoW will have access to more of that type of content.
Rumoresque: They stated there would be different weekly events. They did say that arena and/or osiris would be part of that, but did not exclude additional, as yet unknown, events. Queens Bounty will not happen (its rolled into the HoW stuff)
As mentioned already, Speaker will let you exchange materials, Ascendent and Radient, either for each other (like Eris) or for glimmer or Motes of Light. That pile of 200 shards in your inventory can be 50K glimmer, or 100 motes of light now.
Upgrades do not erase experience! Your maxed Gally will stay maxed when you upgrade it to the new attack value.

And so much more.

Oh, Deej confirmed they are aware of the desire for glimmer cap expansion, but did not comment on if it would happen other than to agree with the other commentators that there are lots of glimmer sinks now. He refused to discuss a number of other items/issues as well, but did hint that some of it would be discussed in the following weeks.

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