Bungie: The State of Destiny 2

There’s some pretty big changes coming to Destiny 2 in the coming weeks and months. It’s well worth a read.

The State of Destiny 2


Yeah, this got me pretty excited. I’m gonna have to grind up some exotics and legendaries to shard though. I was trying to maintain around 500 legendary shards and just created new exotics to shard for gunsmith mats.

Yay! Maybe I’ll finally get a Uriel’s Gift…

Maybe I’ll finally get my Antiope-D! haha

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I got one, but scrapped it because I can’t stand SMGs.

Oh god, it’s one (if not) the best SMG in the game… really hope you get another and give it a try!

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I tried it. I really didn’t care for it myself but I can see it as one of the SMGs you would use for an SMG centric builds.

It’s also great for enabling an energy scout rifle in PVP. Really, it’s a great weapon for PVP, but I don’t think it’s something you’d be using much in PVE.

SMG’s enable me to miss hitting anything at an extremely high rate.

Give me Uriel’s Gift and that Titan Chest Armor that automatically reloads your auto rife and I am in heaven!


I’m collecting almost every legendary (except snipers and fusion rifles). Guess I’ll have to do some cleaning of we’re getting rerollables and masterworks…

Pretty excited about the upcoming changes, and even excitedier about how soon we’re getting them. Though I don’t share the frowniness from the community that the articles talk about regarding the game. Regardless, looking forward to it!

Made me laugh!

lol. Yeah, I guess that’s one way to see SMGs.

As for Uriel’s gift. Get a Sweet Business assault rifle in your kinetic slot and you’ll be golden for boss fights.