Bungie Weapons Tuning

New update to your favorite Destiny weapons is coming this February. Looks very interesting. Check it out here: https://www.bungie.net/7_Destiny-Weapon-Tuning/en/News/News?aid=12557

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1% of people used shotguns in PVE? Why???

All I read was “shotguns are getting nerfed again because reasons.” Seriously though, they’ve been nerfed every single “balance” patch. It’s just unreasonable at this point, in my opinion.

They got nerfed in PVP but in PVE now they do 200% damage to non-Guardians.

Yeah, but nobody is going to use them in PVE even with the damage boost because of the damage/death risk on hardmode runs and weeklies, not to mention Fusion Rifles are generally just better; so, basically just a nerf :wink:

My want for shotguns to be viable is so high, and I stubbornly used them when I played, but it was always an uphill battle and a self-limitation compared to the rest of the party.

I mean if you can wreck Thrall and those a-hole sword fallen guys… There could be a place for shotguns in PVE now.

Unfortunately I’m kind of burnt out on this game… Getting that Platinum was the worst thing for my continued interest.

To be honest I think none of this is going to make a difference for the game. At this point everyone is bored with the game. There is a small handful of us still playing at this point. I recently heard that the next DLC may not be until May. I sure hope this is not true because no one will still be playing by that point. Nerfing your guns is not going to save the game. Content will.


I think we should all try to solo the entire game with No Land Beyond.

I don’t think I want to increase my blood pressure that much.

You’d be dead in about 2 minutes anyways so it wouldn’t increase that much.