Bungie Weekly Update (MUST READ)

Copy pasta thanks to /u/jacobcharles
Bungie Weekly Update

Here’s a quick summary for those at home:

New, exciting things are coming soon.

Changes to Iron Banner:

• Level Advantages are more significant

• Fireteam leader must be 20+

• Rewards for losing (that turn into a rep gain upon the next win)

• Iron Banner reward armour will be bumped to Level 30

• Iron Banner weapons can be Reforged (reset, with the stats rerolled for some MoL)

• Bounties will be a little easier and worth more, and claimed from Saladin

• ‘Tempered’, a 12 hour buff to boost rep gains

They decided to let Europeans play again. Which is nice I guess.

Here is a translation of the title for people who mix up the order of the date: “Bungie Weekly Update — 10/24/2014”

Here’s a potential exploit using ‘Tempered’ and the Loser Medals that /u/UrbanRenegade19 pointed out. Basically lose a bunch of games with your fireteam throughout the week. Activate the Tempered buff towards the end of the week when it is more effective, and then win a single gain for huge rep gains and instant access to top end gear. Any thoughts on this?

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I read this earlier…good info!

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I’m really happy that people who play pvp can get to thirty now. Also not every level thirty will look the same (:smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::alien::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:) illustration…