Butt-scratcher needs your help! [Gear]



Butt-scratcher is desperately seeking some assistance finding a piece of gear; in the Captain Scarlett DLC, there is a weapon you receive as a quest reward that has a chance to spawn with any elemental damage or none called Rapier. I really need a slag version of the gun as it’s about the only weapon I use on this build outside of situational guns (seriously, I use it more than 75% of the time, regardless of its level).

If possible, I’d like to get a level 30 version (the highest level you can get in normal mode) which requires a level 30 character to do the side quest that gives it as a reward, but beggars can’t (and won’t) be choosers. I’m even willing to tag along and help you wreck the opening of the DLC (assuming you do it at a time I’m able to; the side quest for it is only about 20 minutes into the DLC).

The Rapier does unremarkable bullet damage (it’s an assault rifle with a lower-than-average damage compared to others of similar level) but it always spawns with +200% melee damage, which is everything I want in a weapon given my build being melee --focused-- only.

I am prepared to offer the contents of a single gold chest at my level (I’m currently 34; I’ll invite you to a game and crack one open for you in Sanctuary) or my Rapier (which is level 30 with shock damage) in exchange.

Who’s got my hook-up?


Tagging @blinkbrac!


yes hit me up on PS4. blinkbrac=PSN


I will help if I can. I plan to play again Tuesday 8:30pm EST