Buuusttaaa is here


What’s up everyone. I’m Osh aka busta, playing for the Counter Strike:Global Offensive division. My role is-- support, lurker, entry fragger (all around player). I’ve been playing CounterStrike since 1.0 days. Before CS:GO was introduced, I had played for an invite level LAN team based in San Diego, CA for CS 1.6 (which was 10 years ago). Nonetheless, even though we’re grown now, that urge to compete is still there. Glad to be a part of StratsCo and the community.

Let’s have some fun!

I also stream occasionally @ www.twitch.tv/busta629


Hey man, good to have you around. Cant wait to see you all in play-offs! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Thanks dewd.
For sure… we’ll be ready :slight_smile:


Bust a! Great to have you around man.


How can anyone resist this super cool support system goin’ on here. :smiley: Thanks


Welcome to the party! You, sir, did some impressive work on B tonight; props. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Thanks man, we shoulda had it all. Will do. :thumbsup:


It’ll make the playoff retribution all the sweeter this way :wink:


Very true. I still blame ESEA for scheduling so early for a new map vs a good team :thumbsdown: . Didn’t get all the prac we needed since we all come on late afternoon from work and school, but I think we did pretty damn well still.


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Welcome to Strats! Great job shooting people in the face.


Heeeeey Busta! I had a blast watching the match tonight. Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard!


@busta it is great to have you here. I’m have enjoyed the season so far and look forward to each coming match with anticipation.

Shake off the loss. Your 6 soild wins (read as no-forfeit) leading up to it speak volumes about yours and the teams abilities.

“We don’t lose; we win or we learn”


welcome to Strats!

just watched the replay of the Rewind match last night. You had a great game. looking forward to some more.


Welcome welcome. Keep up all the great work you guys have been doing on the CS:GO team. :slight_smile:


Thanks yallz :monkey:


hey hey Busta welcome to the family :slight_smile:
and the dark side like @DrizztDo_Urden69 is saying :slight_smile:


Welcome to Strats! :smiley:


Welcome to Strats, Busta! Really enjoyed watching you and the rest of Strats CS:GO team last night. Looking forward to keeping up with the CS:GO team as you all continue.