Buying a laptop


I need a laptop that can run UE4 for a reasonable price. I’ve never shopped for laptops before so I don’t know where to look other than newegg. Any suggestions on where I should be searching? Here is a picture of my current laptop:

Ue4 just requires a quad core, 8gb ram, and a reasonable gpu that is DX11 so it shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility (I mean budget)

edit: wow they are more expensive than i thought, this is what I’m currently looking at… anyone have experience with like refurbished laptops? that sounds scary…


I’d go with that or the Dell Inspiron 7000 gaming which gets high marks
Something with a 1060 if you can swing it over the 1050 or 960 imo. I was just helping one of our graduating student workers with this yesterday.

I usually recommend not getting refurbed/used laptops just because its hard to know how much abuse the laptop took unless you know it was just returned right after opening kind of deal. Laptops get abused so much more than desktops, but maybe that’s just me working as a PC tech at a University that provides students laptops lol.


Looks like it would get the job done.


The Acer is ok. All of these gaming laptops are sort of shitty. They are made of plastic and the build quality is really cheap because they have to divert that budget to meeting the GPU and CPU demands by the numbers.




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