Bye Bye Power Supply


Heard a loud pop from my case accompanied by the smell of burning electronics, and I knew.
Testing confirms, it is a sad day.
Should have another tomorrow.
See you in Cyrodiil soon.


OUCH, heh well I guess I knew deep down PSUs had a shelf date but never heard of one going bump in the night.


Oh man, sorry to hear that!


I have walked that path. Hope all the other components are fine


I hope everything else in your rig is ok!!!
I’m sure a few of us have been there, is there a Frys or Microcenter near you?


Love Microcenter


Annnd I’m back. All other components are working normally. Got a ram upgrade while I was at it. Gotta DM tonight but I’ll be on about 1 AM EST. Sorry for the delay in your research mats, Guardian. I’ll get them to you tonight.


What kind of power supply did you get? Modular? Anything exciting or an emergency “get my pc back up” thing?


I bought a Thermaltake SP-850M. I was limited to Best Buy’s selection, but it more than meets my needs. Not really a bad price either. Newegg’s price is the same + shipping .5 Year warranty too where I think 3 is standard…