Bye Bye Regular


Welp everyone, I lost my regular status. I’ve been busy with work and I just got back from my honeymoon. I’m sure I’ll get it back at some point, but I have not been playing with anyone here lately. I’ve mostly just been playing Pokemon Sun. I have been playing a good bit of GTA 5 and Overwatch if anyone would like to join up.


Get owned.

I haven’t played games with anyone in quite a while. I got BF1 on PS4 last weekend. Haven’t noticed anyone playing.


I was just playing for a bit by myself. I really don’t enjoy multiplayer without people I know.


Feel free to add me on Bnet. I play a decent amount of Overwatch.


Bye bye regular?

More like buy buy regular!

Act now and you can buy regular status!


If you see me on Bnet shoot me a DM and i’ll play some overwatch


Remind me some time and I can jump on some overwatch with you. Was wondering where you’ve been, slacker.


Just become a patron.


Excuses. :wink:

If you need a scrub for Overwatch, I’ll be your huckleberry.