Cable management ideas?


The back of my desk is a disaster. I’m looking for some good cable management tips. Anyone have anything good? Preferably something I can just order on Amazon.


Honestly these are all I ever use anymore as it keeps the mess clean but also allows me to easily add or remove bits as needed.




Zip-ties are the bane of every cable-management decision EVER


Measure twice, cut once.


When you have a cable short/die or a component need replacing/adding, enjoy cutting each tie only once and then replacing them all :wink:


Yeah I can’t do zip ties. That’s actually what I use right now. I want something that I can reorganize easily if need be.


Never ever had a cable die, not ever. I’ve had cables come from the sheathing years ago and still function.

Again, measure twice, cut once.


Velcro it is then.


I’m thinking about something like this:

They can be cut to exact length and it’s really cheap. New devices can just be fed through as needed.


I’m biased against them from my time doing live sound production in the service, but things like that work pretty well. The downside is if you need a specific cable that’s been in there a while (read: had a bunch of other cables shoved on top of it) you have may have to remove the entire sleeve to untangle it.


I went with the velcro and the cable wrap things. I should be able to figure something out with the combination of the two.

Thanks for the input gents!


If you don’t mind dealing with feeding things into it, I found it to be semi annoying.

Also about the velcro, I guess it was cheap, I didn’t see it was 100 for 6~ dollars, that isn’t bad. I just like to mount my ties and I rarely ever move them.


The wife got me started on the Velcro ties. She insists I keep a neat desk.



No, I’m kidding. I have no idea. No matter how organized I try and keep my wires back there, they’ve always come back out a disaster after a while. I’ve got nothing.


for stuff that has to hang loose (mice, cameras, various things,) i have used binder rings like these, to make bundles:

The stationary ones I use the velcro strips and watch how tight I bind them. I’ve also used the wraps cut into sections of about 6" each (like these: )


Can’t help with this one :frowning:

The back of my desk is an absolute disaster as well, but I move my stuff around so often that I never needed to clean them up.

I’ve just gotten ridiculously good at just looking at my cables and knowing what each one is lol