Call for video footage of PvP



Hey guys, I’m making some Strats&Co videos. If you have the ability to record 1080p, or as a distant second, 720p video during pvp, I would love to get your footage.

Let me know when you have something by posting here and I’ll provide you with a temporary BT Sync hash to transfer.


I have the ability to stream at 720 or 1080p with OBS with delay if you’re interested in setting up a strats and co stream. This would also give me recordings. If you set up a strats and co stream and give me a stream key I can do so, but I don’t have the time to set it up atm. Live streams can be great marketing if you get a decent amount of viewers.


I can stream as well. It will be 2 weeks for college to be out for me to really be active though.