Calliel master race

Did anyone here Play on the Calliel server? I was a GM there for awhile until the server went down for 3 days then my guild disbanded

AA seemed like a finicky game. Three days killed the guild?

Yeah because Trion couldn’t handle the game that every time they updated it was off for 3 hrs longer then they estimated and the guild got frustrated that the day my guild was going to seige a castle the server went down for 3 days and they weren’t going to postpone the seige so that was the tipping point that made my guild disband

I wish we could get a guild back up in AA. It seemed like a great game.

Bad break, sorry to hear that about your guild.

I’m sure Strats will have a strong presence in a PC based MMO again… When? What title? I really could not say at this point. I wish there was a really strong SWG reboot that was created around the original concept.

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Our guild was mostly on Enla Server.

the next MMORPG im going to be playing Everquest Next when it comes out in a couple years