Calling all League Of Legends Summoners



Attention all summoners! With the 2015 Season (Season 5) ending on November 11th, the 6th Preseason will be coming soon and I hope to organize an official StratsCo League of Legends ranked team for this coming Preseason and following Season. Why this date is still a bit away I’m creating this post to help figure out who is interested in joining up to represent Strats on the Rift (or the Treelines if you actually play that map). Anyone eligible to play ranked games is free to join up even if you never played a ranked game. So if your interested in joining the team all I need now is you IGN, your preferred roles if you have one, the champions you main, your experience with ranked games, and the general dates your available so we can organize when we as a team can play. So it would like like below.

IGN: Wolfzorn44
Preferred Roles: Top, Jungler, Support
Main Champions: Gangplank, Garen, Malphite, Rammus, and Nautilus
Experience with Ranked Games: Play a bit in Season 4 but never officially ranked, Currently Bronze 2 in this Season and working my way up to Silver
Days I’m available to play: Thursday-Sundays currently are the best days for me

Thank You for reading and hope your interested in joining me on the Rift


Good luck…wish it was for Dota 2 :yum:.


Thank You, if you want you can start an official DOTA 2 team as well as I know a few Strats Member play the game so if you could gather them you could form a pretty solid team.


Yea I know some of the guys, don’t really want to start it though, haha.


@senNish and his Dohduh2.


I like dota 2 more(a lot more) than Lol, but I have no interest in participating in an organized team. :smiley: