Calling all level 50s

Okay guys now that A lot of us are now level 50. It is time for us to move forward and put on our big boy pants.

Monday is our first Hasla farming event. I cannot stress enough that by getting this gear we will be more effective in defending ourselves on trade and in runs, PVP, and PVE.
Come on who doesn’t want to be a beast. I am looking forward to seeing you all there on Monday. There is no set time we will go and take you into group as you come in.


Moar! Cheekun! Run, Cheekun, Run! U r meat of da buffet!!

Count my feather fryer in. Need me a bigger Tater masher fer dem Tubers in Hasla.

So put me down for conviction (Staff).

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the sad part of such an event is that its not that easy just getting a party started there we need like atleast 10 people or so to steal a spot from people. the best thing would be if someone would go there early and actually manage to get leader of an allready existing party so we can kick people for guildies. kinda like i did the other day to get a prometheus member in the party. we should send 2 people there early to try and get different partys that we could potentionally get lead of. often people dont want lead because it takes some coordination and some time to get organised etc so the last 2 big partys ive been in i have gotten lead because no one wanted it.

that sounds goo to me… I’ll be on as soon as I get my morning Biz on order…

I’ll be down for that in the evening.

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cool see ya there :sunny:

:frowning: oh! no! sorry guys, my day was busier then I knew it could have been. Ya’ll are afk in mumble. I missed the party and I had made snacks. ごめんなさい

It’s okay unfortunately I didn’t make it that evening I was not feeling well and still don’t feel very well this morning, but the good thing is that we can Hasla farm anytime…