Calling all streamers; I need your help!


Streamers! I want the purple twitch #teamstrats shirt, and I know I’m not alone (I’ve seen the signs, the posts of longing). If you want it as well, click the “Wait! I still want one!” option on the shirt’s page; if people leave their email address (thus asserting they want it) and a total of 10 or more items are ordered, the design will automatically be brought back!

Let’s do this people :wink:


they had a 5xl!!! reserved mine :smile:


Let’s go people, @Droul is finally going to get a Strats shirt :wink:


@Vocino they have a shirt that is in 5xl…if we make any future shirts can you PLEASE choose the hanes tagless T…thats the one that has my size!!! Thank You!!


Woah! Hoodie!


I so totally want that purple one! Just I can’t even reserve that one until taxes come back. I have to wait a few more weeks. X_x


I reserved mine


Come on peeps, only 4 more product reserves to bring this beauty back; let’s get @Droul his first Strats shirt (also, I totally want mine, dammit ;))


I reserved one.


I’ll do it when I get home from work.


Yes please lets get Droul his shirt!!! w00h00!!!


we need 3 more to get reserved guys cmon!!


reserved mine!


Reserved mine


1 more gents, lets get it going!!!


That should do it then, I reserved 1.


We did it!

#teamstrats :wink:


This is so freekin awesome guys…i finally get a shirt!!! :smile:


I hope my money transfers to my bank account in time cause I’d love to order one!


I believe the printing cutoff is the 9th of march.