Calling All VR1 & Up Players for World Boss Runs



I’m looking to do some runs for some VR content tonight 6:30 PST (clicked the hyper link to check your zone) if you’re new to the VR zones, please don’t fret. I’m willing to do some World Boss that I’ve already done in the past. Let’s get this going tonight and help pull more people into the upper VR ranks!


I’l be a bit late to this, I get out of school around that time-ish but I’ll be there when I can =^_^=


I’ll be there


I’ll be there about an hour late!


This sounds like fun. I should be able to make it. Thanks for putting this together.


Yeah just get here when you can.


I have done most of the VR1-5 content but I will definitely come and help out.



I had a blast at this event yesterday. It was fun mobbing thru, kicking ass and taking names [and loot].

It brought me to VR2. We got up to 10 players yesterday. Hopefully the next one will be a great turn out as well.

Thanks again @iamkrillin for putting this together!


Agreed. That was an awesome event! I too got to VR2 because of last night, so everyone thank you!

I hope we do this again soon, maybe throw some pvp in there as well.


Yup this was fun yesterday and I wasn’t expecting such a good turnout! Thanks to everyone who participated!