Camelot Unchained, player building video + some info


Most folks here know about the game, but for others - just couple words: Camelot Unchained or “Dark Age of Camelot 2” (…meets Minecraft on steroids - see the video below) is crafting/building/PvP MMORPG by Mark Jacobs. Or, another quick intro is it’s IGN wiki - just note that beta didn’t start yet, and budget is $0.5 - 1M higher than what wiki says.

Building is 100% free form, and it will matter a lot for the economy and especially for control and defense of conquered territories. This video was made in May by Necromaniak, one of players in alpha tests:

…many, many hours later:

Now, this is rather rough - round & cylindrical shapes, wide choice of textures and some other features are yet to be implemented. Also, buildings are fully destructible - unless built offline or in starting zones.

PS Beta should start in a month or two (but it was delayed earlier, so…) and there will have open beta i.e. free tests before launch. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure it won’t launch before second half of 2017. Also, the footage shown so far looks rather ugly - especially the animations - which is the reason for NDA still being on. We’ll see what happens in beta, they are working on it.

PPS Useful link, Camelot Unchained reddit. It’s handy for asking questions ( when your pocket goblin is offline :slight_smile: ) or just learning about the game, including some controversy -


A wild @JamesGoblin appears! This isn’t Crowfall.

Thanks for the pics and info.


This looks pretty interesting


Been a backer since kickstarter days, had my fair share of CUBE building and alpha testing. Its going to be a great game, all i can say.


I’ve been watching this for awhile. I may give it a shot after is releases. Dark Age was fun and I enjoyed Warhammer Online so I hope Mark knocks it out of the park with this one.


Camelot Unchained compared to Crowfall by ItsZiz; you might remember his ESO videos, and of course - CU footage is rough, alpha, blahblah…:

…and to make it kinda on-topic, some more player made buildings:


Very interesting.


Haha this games seems to have the potential to become the new minecraft :joy:


I hope you meant it as a compliment :grin: